Use the three components of: accepting who you are so you can pinpoint what you want to change, planning, and using your courage to craft a better you!

The better you will be someone who can confidently: ask for a raise, get a new job, develop your self-worth, or help others in your sphere of influence become greater!

Course Curriculum

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  Module 1 -- What Does It Take to Reinvent Yourself?
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  Module 2 -- Plan Now: Double Dog Dare You!
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  Module 3: Pull Out Some Courage!
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  Module 4 -- This is How You Will Know Success!
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  Bonus Material
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Hi, I’m Debra E. Johnson!

I have two Master’s Degrees from Drexel University: one in Technical and Scientific Communications and the other in Library Science.

I feel qualified to be your guide in this course because I have gone full throttle into trying new tasks!

My education and willingness to reinvent myself has lead me to be a devotional leader, radio announcer, church missionary, Children's Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher, Vacation Bible School Teacher, and Vacation Bible School Director!

Since 2005, I have also become a minister, an author, a librarian, a storyteller, and an artist who specializes in acrylic painting! See some of this for yourself! Connect with me via Instagram @renaissance.works and https://dejministries.com .

Reinvent Yourself Now!


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Reinvent Yourself Now

Shift from Mediocre and Develop into a Better You for Whole Life Success

Features of the

Reinvent Yourself Now Course

  • 4 modules of instructional slides, a checklist, and an acrostic activity
  • Further reading book lists
  • Bonus material of inspirational quotes

Benefits of the

Reinvent Yourself Now Course

  • Instructional slides and acrostic activity are here so that you can takes notes to internalize the 3 strand process
  • The checklist gives you a quick review so that you don't miss a step
  • Further reading lists gives you more opportunity so that you can be motivated by the experience of others

Take action today!

The difference you want to see in yourself must begin today. Remember soon never comes!

Make a plan!

Follow-through with a weekly plan of tasks that you complete to get to the end goal!

Take Courage: Leap into your New Role!

Call it willpower or God's power and use the strength inside of you to take that final step into your new role. The day has come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the course begin?

A: The course begins the day you enroll.

Q: How long do I have to finish the course?

A: You can work through the course at your own pace. It is advisable to try to finish the course within 3-4 months so that you do not lose your momentum!

Q: Is this course going to be worth the money?

A: Honestly only you can decide. However, If you want to stop spinning your wheels in trying to find a process for change and instead use a process, stay here. Think too, if someone said you could let go of the angst and feelings of failure in exchange for truly moving forward, $397.00 would quickly become a small price to pay for that victory!

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: You have up to 30 days from the day you enroll to get a refund. Request a refund by email.

Q: This all seems so promising, but what about...?

A: Need to ask a question that is not answered here? Contact me at [email protected] .